[Sugar-devel] erasing the journal and config

David Farning dfarning at sugarlabs.org
Thu Aug 27 14:13:01 EDT 2009

On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 11:43 AM, Sameer Verma<sverma at sfsu.edu> wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 8:17 AM, Daniel Drake<dsd at laptop.org> wrote:
>> 2009/8/27 Sameer Verma <sverma at sfsu.edu>:
>>> I posed this question on OLPC Support Gang earlier and got responses
>>> that its not possible to do so under bitfrost and rainbow.
>>> ===================
>>> "Hello everybody,
>>> We have a lending library at SFSU, ready to go, but we need to have a
>>> way to erase the config and journal every time the XO comes back from
>>> a borrower. The SFSU library staff have made it very clear that they
>>> don't want the process to be "open the terminal and run a script". An
>>> activity (say, Erase) would be quite desirable.
>> In my opinion, this is silly. Teach them how to run a script, teach
>> them how to reflash or tell them to stop being difficult.
>> As for the borrowers end - this is sillier. What are you expecting the
>> borrowers to actually do with their XOs? It's for generating
>> contributions to the community, right?
>> Daniel
> I'm dealing with our library. We could have gone the route of a
> student group handling this, but logistically, it made more sense for
> the library to do this. They are very strict about privacy of patrons
> (and rightly so). Privacy is privacy. It does not matter what
> borrowers do with their XOs. The library will not even tell me *who*
> borrows the laptops. We are going to provide a laminated card with a
> URL to provide structured feedback. So, we can't look up people who
> borrow the XOs, but we can hope to get feedback and contribution
> voluntarily from the borrowers.
> I'm going to stick with the "run a script" routine for now.

The process of creating an activity and a control panel plug-in are
nearly identical.  The control panel is were system admin _should_
occur and plug-ins provide a nice framework for developing guis.


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