erasing the journal and config

Sameer Verma sverma at
Wed Aug 26 16:25:09 EDT 2009

I posed this question on OLPC Support Gang earlier and got responses
that its not possible to do so under bitfrost and rainbow.

"Hello everybody,

We have a lending library at SFSU, ready to go, but we need to have a
way to erase the config and journal every time the XO comes back from
a borrower. The SFSU library staff have made it very clear that they
don't want the process to be "open the terminal and run a script". An
activity (say, Erase) would be quite desirable. Now, my skills with
making XO activities are near zero. Same goes for
python. I made a living way back as a developer, but haven't done so
in a long time. To add to my troubles, school just started, and I am
swamped with classes. My bottleneck is preventing the lending library
from going live.

So, here's my request. Can someone whip up an activity that does the following:

Opens the activity with one button labeled "Erase Configuration and
Journal" and a checkbox labeled "Shutdown XO after erasing".

The things that need to happen:

When the button is clicked:

rm  /home/olpc/.sugar/default/config
rm -rf /home/olpc/.sugar/default/datastore
sudo shutdown -h now

I've tried this in bash and it works.

Any takers?

I'd imagine such an activity would be helpful for others running
lending libraries as well."


 The need to erase config and journal is more pressing on the
borrower's end - the borrower may not want to return the XO with her
journal entries on it. Of course, our library also likes to blank
machines before re-lending them out.

This makes me *very* curious. Shouldn't there be a way to erase the
configuration and journal without having to reflash the whole image?

Dr. Sameer Verma, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Information Systems
Director, Center for Business Solutions
San Francisco State University

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