New F11 for the XO-1 Build 6

Yioryos Asprobounitis mavrothal at
Wed Aug 26 15:23:00 EDT 2009

Thank you.

Now olpc-powerd works as advertised. Kudos. However the problem with the overlap with the GNOME PM remains.

I guess the X-server and Gnome power management  updates also did not affect the battery monitor and screen rotation issues rotation. Next one may be :) 

Did the automatic software update ok, found etoys-103, updated it but kept finding it as updatable. This was also the case with os5. Also etoys (and scratch) fail to get the fill color after the first use and to not have a Journal entry.

Other activities with problems

Pippy-34 fails to find and import modules (I have filled a ticked since os3). Could be a distro-specific problem though.

Record does _not_ record sound. Actually the mic light is not even coming up (this was also the case in os5). Use of mic does not solve the problem. The "silent" recording is not saved at the bottom strip. 

Measure also fails to see the mic (internal or external) and record anything on first launch. Is there anyway to test if mic is working? On the second launch Measure fails to load altogether. This was also the case in os5. If you erase the existing Journal entry launches OK (but fails to see the mic again)

Might be an issue with Journal/paths? (datastore log is full of dbus warnings) Pippy also generates a working tmp copy of the application  file in ~/.sugar/default/org.laptop/tmp/  and from there can not find the modules that do exist.

Of course could be independent problems.

Should I be filling tickets with (if not present)? I mean is F11-XO1 going to be the way to Sugar0.84? 


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