Planned Power Outage at 1CC - No mail routing

Ed McNierney ed at
Sat Aug 22 18:32:50 EDT 2009

Folks -

In 30 minutes Boston Properties is scheduled to turn off power to  
OLPC's 1CC office for some electrical equipment maintenance.  All mail  
addressed to addresses is routed through an anti-spam/anti- 
virus appliance ( located at 1CC.  Power is expected  
to be restored tomorrow (Sunday) morning.  Until power is restored and  
the mail exchanger is back online, no mail can be delivered to mailboxes.  This note is just to warn you of that in an  
effort to restrain the flurry of "did you know your mail isn't being  
delivered?" emails (paradoxical but inevitable) and the Monday morning  
OLPCNews story announcing, "See!  It's true!  1CC has evaporated!"

This shutdown will also affect our activation servers, so requests for  
machine activation leases and developer keys cannot be submitted until  
the power returns.

	- Ed
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