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Tabitha Roder tabitha at hrdnz.com
Fri Aug 21 22:03:53 EDT 2009

Who: Alastair, Tabitha, Tom, Dave, Carl, Brenda, Callum, Tim, Grant, Becs

Testing the new Sugar OS5 on XO hardware. Found the MESH does not work at
all, cannot see Mesh1,6,11 only see olpc-mesh that we could not use, also
the mesh icons show up as regular networks rather than the mesh target icon.
Connected via shared internet through macbook with aircard, found that most
XOs cannot see each other when all connected via macbook, though they can
access interwebs.

Testing collaboration on different versions of Sugar and different hardware
and in VM. We found some activities better than others. Struggle with audio
and video in Sugar in VM.

Last week we had issues with creating soas strawberry - run script, script
reports successful completion but the USB is blank. Resolved today - think
it was to do with an existing boot partition. Have got it working correctly

Testing Lexar USB keys to check they mount and unmount on XO hardware. We
like the way the behave so are buying more with a small donation we have
received ($100 donation, the USB keys are $15 for 2GB).

Talked about SFD activities to do with kids and students during the day.
Sorted out a SoaS install for the 150 USB keys that have been donated to the
SFD. Now we just need the keys to arrive from USA and we are all go. Some of
our ideas in case they are useful to others: get kids to measure each others
height with distance activity and use spreadsheet activity to graph heights
of kids (noisy environment would stop this from working); make a circuit of
activities so kids get to try different activities in small groups doing 10
minute activities with a volunteer helping them at each circuit station;
making memory games with memorize, making music with kazoos (or other
instruments) and tamtam suite, recording each other with record (maybe
interviews), maze races (this led to discussions on how we could map a maze
out on the floor utilising distance and then getting them to race the maze),
etoys or turtle art with sensors (makerspace can make sensors for us and the
rep rap machine can make us view finders). More ideas welcome.  We are
hoping to give them a problem to solve, some kind of challenge.

Talked about Sahana project. This is a FOSS application for coordinating
agencies response to disaster . Recently deployed on XOs aggregating areial
photography into the maps in Sahana.

rotating main screen with rotate button kills the laptop when using new
Sugar OS5. only thing still working is text mode console.

new sugar OS5, no video or picture capture in record activity anymore, only
audio capture, Record-64

Decided next Saturday testing will be held at National Library as the
OpenGovt Barcamp will be there. Opportunity to involve them (and drink free

Thanks for coming team!

Kind regards
Tabitha Roder
eLearning Consultant HRDNZ (Moodle Partner)
tabitha at hrdnz.com
Cell +64 21 482229
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