creating seperate dbus-tubes in a single instance of a shared actvity

Benjamin M. Schwartz bmschwar at
Thu Aug 20 08:05:38 EDT 2009

Creating multiple D-Bus tubes may or may not be a good idea in your case.
 Each D-Bus tube can support many simultaneous parallel transmissions,
because D-Bus provides a routed transport.  Every D-Bus object has an
interface and a path, which allows D-Bus objects to address each other
individually.  In this way, Gnome uses a single (local) session bus for
all your desktop D-Bus needs, and an activity can typically use a single Tube.

Within Sugar, there's not much incentive to use a single Tube with many
objects or many Tubes.  Outside of Sugar, the service type of a Tube is
used to determine which applications can connect to it, so each complete
"service" should get a single Tube, labeled with the service's well-known

Eventually, this will be documented at


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