Weekly 4PM EDT Sun Support Mtg: Community Book Sprint - Mini Deployment Guide (Sept 6-11 in DC)

Holt holt at laptop.org
Sun Aug 16 19:29:07 EDT 2009

Tons of progress with over 30 very different people participating now-- 
nevermind the evening social events Mike Lee & all are organizing almost 
every night.

This week's Call Conclusions / Forward Challenges:

(A) People not familiar with Book Sprints should read why on earth we're 
each paying our own way to lock ourselves in a room at Gallaudet 
University in Washington DC for a week-- and why you might too ;-)

(B) Next Sunday we'll need all your best Teacher/Deployment/Activities 
stories listed (everyone prepare a tiny list, real quick contact 
everyone on your list for killer/fresh materials) to get us closer to 
nailing down an actual Table of Contents.  At that time we'll all start 
to nail down what inspiring chapter *you* want to 
write/photograph/mentor with which SME (subject matter expert), so Be 
Prepared :-)

(C) To this end we made lots of Wiki changes live on-call this afternoon 
-- thanks to all the people who joined, agreeing that all attendees 
(in-person and remote) should now write in the chapter OR skill you want 
to contribute, right next to your name here:
Everyone can do this, by clicking "EDIT"

(D) Being an Immigrant is NOT Easy: Giving even the brightest teachers 
cultural bridges to (open source, alternative power engineering, 
constructivist, shipping/import, volunteer, finance etc) needed to 
inspire a successful deployment *won't* be at all easy in let's-say-30 
pages.  But we Supportives _won't_ give up easy!

(E) Please volunteer or suggest who might be our Photo 
Archivist/Librarian/Editor collecting our best images we'll each dig up 
from places like:  (in case our Gallaudet Univ interns don't come through)

PS reply to me if you can join our weekly Sunday prep calls!
     (Free call in the USA or Canada, or with a full Skype account)

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