New F11 for the XO-1 build 5

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Thu Aug 13 14:42:28 EDT 2009

Steven wrote:
> I have gotten a report of the XO-1 locking up after within an hour of booting
> booting when left idle. Can anyone else report if this is happening.

I leave my XOs up 24/7.  I don't recall os5 (or earlier parrish 
versions) ever having locked up when left idle.

Mark wrote:
> Display goes blank, a short press to the power button turns on the
> back light then pressing a key (I hit return) gets me back to normal.

This is also what I do.

In fact, I have adjusted the parameters for olpc-powerd to better 
fit how I like to use the XOs.  The result is that after a couple 
minutes of idle the os5 XO suspends (power light pulsing very 
slowly).  When I want to use the XO again, I press the power button 
to come out of suspend, and the <shift> button as confirmation that 
I want to resume working with the XO.

[ The only awkwardness comes from my habit of transferring 100+ MB 
files between XOs - taking considerable time without console input. 
  The XO power-saving function apparently does not recognize 
'ethernet in use' as "busy", and eventually dims the backlight on me 
- I have to press <shift> (which does not otherwise affect anything 
going on) to restore the screen.  [I have not actually noticed 
whether the XO would "suspend" while the ethernet is transferring 
data - but I believe "resume" on F11_builds such as os5 would 
recover from the (external) ethernet adapter being powered down by 
"suspend".] ]


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