yum with recent soas builds on XO-1

Martin Dengler martin at martindengler.com
Thu Aug 13 04:07:39 EDT 2009

On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 06:22:56PM -0400, Mikus Grinbergs wrote:
> Disclaimer:  I am not asking for help;  I am sharing my experiences.
> Apparently irrespective of the content of /etc/fstab, recent
> F11-on-XO1 builds are _mounting_ /var/cache/yum as a tmpfs.

After a very quick look, F11-on-XO mounts tmpfs there only via
/etc/fstab, so I don't know how to explain this.  If you find
the answer I'd be interested to know it.

> I do not know how come yum on SoaS3 tries to stuff that additional 
> huge file into /var/cache/yum, when os5 does not -- but tmpfs on my 
> XO-1 is *definitely* not big enough.

SoaS3 puts this mount in /etc/fstab _and_ runs
/etc/init.d/livesys{,-late}, which mount tmpfs there.

OTTOMH this seems a terrible thing to on a swap-less,
memory-constrained device.  You may be adding a swap device to get yum
to do anything useful on a SoaS build.

I've taken that tmpfs --> /var/tmp mount of out my SoaS /etc/fstab
contents, and livesys* are disabled.

> mikus

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