New F11 for the XO-1 build 5

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Wed Aug 12 17:10:24 EDT 2009

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> Subject: New F11 for the XO-1  build 5
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> Date: Monday, August 10, 2009, 7:35 PM
> Added Typing Turtle & Words activities, added to
> favorites as well. Added ntp, 
> ntpdate to base OS.
> Create custom .asoundrc file for TamTam
> here are the file differences since os4
> All normal warnings apply.  This is development
> code.  Please report any 
> issues you may have.
> Steven

Thank you.
I had no new problems with this build thought the old ones (battery, camera, rotation, powerd performance, font size in, Firefox toolbars/menu size etc) are still there, even if some like the are simple to "fix".

I was wondering if these builds are available to make sure that XO-1.5 software development is XO-1 compatible or if they are actually aiming to bring Fedora 11+/Sugar 0.84+ to the XO-1. 
I guess what I'm asking is if someone is looking at these issues specifically and independent of XO-1.5, specially the ones that are XO-1.5 independent, or if they are all in the (very) back burner. 
Are the "solutions"  expected after upstream integration or XO-1 patches will be developed independently of F11/12?
I would just like to know. That's all.

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