ANNOUNCE: pygame 1.9.1 released.

René Dudfield renesd at
Tue Aug 11 05:47:39 EDT 2009

What's new (heaps of things since 1.8.1):

Summary of changes:
- many, many fixes and improvements.  The largest amount of changes
has gone into this release than any other pygame release.
- bug fixes for backwards compatibility issues introduced in pygame
1.8.x series.  old games like solarwolf and libraries like PGU work
- experimental camera webcam module (still in development).
- experimental midi module based on portmidi and pyportmidi (99% complete).
- experimental gfxdraw module based on SDL_gfx (including AA circles,
textured polygons and other goodness).
- python3, and python3.1 support mostly completed.  Some modules still
remain to be completed - but mostly it's working.
- nokia mobile phone s60 support.
- improved OSX support (dropped pyobjc dependency, improved installer,
sysfont now works on OSX).
- pygame.examples + pygame.tests included with pygame.  This makes
testing easier, and also makes learning pygame more fun and easy.
- cleanup of examples, and addition of new examples.
- new tools to aid in development of pygame itself, better compilation
- py2app, and py2exe support improved.

Source code release (binaries at bottom of announcement):    (2.2MB)        (2.0MB)

  Compilation instructions for different platforms:

See a list of examples...
  python -c "import pygame.examples;help(pygame.examples)"

Run one of the 30 examples included...
  python -m pygame.examples.aliens

You can do a self test of pygame with:
  python -m pygame.tests  (or on python2.6 do python -m pygame.tests.__main__ )

The latest docs are bundled with pygame.  To open them in your web browser run:
  python -m

Binary builds for win/mac from the "The Spectacularly Adequate
Automated Pygame Build Page".

OSX 10.4/10.5/10.6 universal(intel and ppc): 10.3MB 10.3MB 10.3MB

Windows: 3MB 3MB 3MB 3MB 3MB

1c4cdc708d17c8250a2d78ef997222fc  pygame-1.9.1release.tar.gz


8f5a0358e5dc56a8582cd2a7e6d6ad4f  pygame-1.9.1release.win32-py2.4.exe
0a39cdcc9e2d002d34b264635598b22f  pygame-1.9.1release.win32-py2.5.exe
1d2c33f8560c77f0a15d78c54334d536  pygame-1.9.1.win32-py2.5.msi
9ddf40c1ef6ab7fbdc0fb2395d2a66b9  pygame-1.9.1.win32-py2.6.msi
b6ce5c559549d27a3b3fb40577b6234c  pygame-1.9.1.win32-py3.1.msi

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