Community Book Sprint: Mini Deployment Guide (Washington DC, Sept 6-11)

Holt holt at
Tue Aug 11 02:46:55 EDT 2009

*/Thanks Mike Lee, Mel Chua and Support Gangsters all who pulled this together into a major event:*

The OLPC/Sugar community will be creating a mini-Deployment Guide for technically-strong teachers,
with more vivid photographs and illustrations than anything our community has yet produced.
This idea arose from our Support Gang ( volunteers wanting
to pull together our community's greatest work over the last 2 years, to give classrooms and
after-school programs _the_ very best creative tools out there.

The guide will be short and professional, possibly only 30 pages long -- drawing on innovations
from successful rollouts around the world -- with separately downloadable chapters.  It will
enable entrepreneurial teachers in small schools to begin formulating real-world plans
jumpstarting 21st century learning using XO Laptops.  We'll be working extremely hard (business
hours) for 5 days straight (Monday thru Friday) then socializing most every evening, exploring
the Washington DC area with groups like, and others:

   Sunday Sept 6: Dinner to meet fellow writers
   Monday Sept 7: Labor Day (no holiday for us!)
   Friday Sept 11: National Day of Service (no holiday for us!)

Evening events open to all, and they WILL be memorable, guaranteed.  If you also want to dedicate
yourself to our work sessions, please email holt @ or grassroots @
( explaining your skills in shaping a Quality Product
-- along with a bit about how and why you want to make a difference :)

Possible Book Title: (very tentative)
   20 Cool Class Acts With XO Laptops:
   Real Success Stories from Real Schools Using Real XO Computers

   Written By: The Real People Who Are Using them
   Compiled And Edited By: The OLPC Support Gang

   ALL Related Manuals you can find -- whose ideas we should crib
   Graphics designers (inkscape, gimp, whatever)
   Experienced tech writers, copy-editors

Likely Attendees:
   Mel CHUA
   Luke FARAONE (invited)
   David FARNING (invited)
   Adam HOLT
   Mike LEE
   Yamandu PLOSKONKA
   Bryan STUART
   Sameer VERMA
   Seth WOODWORTH (invited)

Remote Attendees:
   Caryl BIGENHO
   Sandy CULVER (invited)
   Christoph DERNDORFER
   Daniel DRAKE (invited)
   Pablo FLORES (invited)

Daytime/workroom venues currently under consideration:

Accommodations -- until the White House accepts us, we instead recommend:

Please Join Our Online Venues Today!
   support-gang at (
   grassroots at ( (#olpc-help and #sugar) ??

       "If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men to gather wood, divide the
       work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea."
              --- Antoine de Saint Exupery


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