Good intro boot to Linux management... ?

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at
Mon Aug 10 12:34:47 EDT 2009

This is somewhat offtopic but important when we get to work with
deployments. (And working with deployment teams is how we get laptops
in the hands of kids, so it is right there where it matters...)

Some local teams have very low exposure to Linux -- this is regional,
and has a multitude of reasons (irrelevant to this point). And when I
explain basic procedures around the XS, we have a huge learning curve.

I can't write a Linux bible, and HowTos are very patchy (uneven
coverage, versioning, quality, style...). And these new users need
some assurance, something to hold on to.

So I am looking book recommendations that covers a bit of linux management...

 - with focus on CLI tools

 - with focus on Fedora/RH toolchain

 - good old-style CLI tools debugging tips

 - generally matching the tools we have and use on the XS

 - popular enough that it has been translated to other languages, even
if the translations are for old versions

It doesn't have to be a perfect fit. I can direct people to the right
chapters, skip distractions, point out obsolete bits, etc. But having
a book really helps newcomers, and gives them something to refer back
to when I am gone.

This approach has worked wonders in the past with workshops I have run.

Recommendations for books? Do tell me how they score in the items I've
laid out above... :-)


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