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I have a need to use an XO with a USB-Ethernet adapter and an Internet
connection with no DHCP that requires me to set the network up on the XO. 


I can easily do the IP and netmask with 


/sbin/ifconfig eth0 [IP] netwmask [mask]


and the gateway with 


/sbin/route add default gw [GW-IP]


Can anyone tell me the best way to set up the DNS?  I tried the following in
rc.local which results in me being able to ping hosts on the Internet but
DNS is not working, have I made a mistake?:


addNameServer ()




result=`cat "${file}" | grep -c "${ip}"`


if [ ${result} -eq 0 ]


echo "nameserver ${ip}" >> "${file}"




/etc/init.d/NetworkManager stop

/sbin/ifconfig eth0 [Static IP] netmask [mask] up

/sbin/route add default gw [Gateway IP]

addNameServer "[DNS IP 1]"

addNameServer "[DNS IP 2]"




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