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Fri Aug 7 14:10:11 EDT 2009

Please join us (right now!) reviewing the latest OLPC/Sugar community 
projects over IRC Live Chat, 2PM EDT Boston Time Friday:

Then type at bottom:
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* New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring?!

* Fast Review of the 3 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
  join us advocating for and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:

1. Notalon: New Note-Taking Software - Cambridge, MA, USA

   Requests 1 XO's over 9 months

   Project Objectives:
   Project Objectives: Develop a version of Notalon for the XO that allows
   students to take notes on books and during lectures within an application
   specifically designed for note-taking, encouraging organizational skills.

2. OLPC Philippines: Kindling Discoveries Pilot Program

   Requests 50 XO's over 12 months

   Project Objectives:
   1. Successfully design and deploy a scalable and sustainable pilot 
program in an elementary public school with an inaugural class of 30-35 
   2. Use good and best practices from initial pilot program to support 
XO deployment programs throughout the Philippines.
   3. Facilitate development of Philippine-centric content for XO 
laptops with partner academic institutions and volunteer developers.
   4. Grow community of different stakeholders/supporters ranging from 
educators, academic institutions, developers, business leaders, 
philanthropist, etc. that can support future deployment and content 
   5. Share best deployment practices and valuable content for the 
benefit of the global OLPC community.

3. OLPC Bayern Library - Munich/Munchen, Germany (NEEDS REVISING)

   Requests 15 XO's over 18 months

   Project Objectives:
   Translate the english manuals into a German/understandable version.
   Examine the look and feel of the laptop and how to provide more
   useful online help on the laptop for the different target groups (eg.
   developer, child, teacher, other people...)
   Test the help and search for improve potential
   The idea of OLPC is good. To see what potential is possible in
   technical writer environment we will look on the system and
   seek to write useful help text for user.
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