Another F11 build for the XO-1 has been released

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Thu Aug 6 03:41:49 EDT 2009

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> Date: Wednesday, August 5, 2009, 10:45 PM
> 2009/8/6 Steven M. Parrish <smparrish at>:
> > I have released a new build of F11 for the XO-1 named
> OS4
> >
> > You can find it at....
> >
> > This new build includes the addition of the
> ImageViewer, Physics and Jukebox
> > Activities, an update to the Write Activity, and the
> kbdshim and powerd
> > packages.
> It also fixes the bug where the XO would shutdown when you
> go online.

It does not fix the font size for the Journal and home (I guess a proper solution is explored)
Olpc-powerd works up to sleeping but fails to blank and shutdown.OK on lid and power button suspend/shutdown though. rtcwake still does not work, so I guess this must be the reason.
olpc-powerd also conflicts with the GNOME power management. Gnome options must be set to "do nothing" in order for powerd to work properly.  
The build is still missing ntp and ntpdate (also wget)
Firefox is still too big for the screen but installing the "default zoom" plugin and setting it to 67% improves things a lot
The 3 breakers (battery monitor, screen rotation and camera) are still with us.
One bug at a time is good though :)

> thanks for your efforts!
> Daniel
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