Another F11 build for the XO-1 has been released

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Thu Aug 6 10:14:25 EDT 2009

>  > > From: Daniel Drake <dsd at>
>  > > Subject: Re: Another F11 build for the XO-1 has been released
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>  > > Date: Wednesday, August 5, 2009, 10:45 PM
>  > > 2009/8/6 Steven M. Parrish <smparrish at>:
>  > > > I have released a new build of F11 for the XO-1 named OS4
>  > > >
>  > > > You can find it at....
>  > > >
>  ...
>  > It does not fix the font size for the Journal and home (I guess a
>  > proper solution is explored)
>  > Olpc-powerd works up to sleeping but fails to blank and shutdown.OK on lid and
>  > power button suspend/shutdown though. rtcwake still does not work, so I guess
>  > this must be the reason.
> i looked into this a bit, and confess i'm surprised that it
> doesn't work.  rtcwake worked correctly in earlier 2.6.30 vintage
> kernels (e.g., the SoaS-on-XO releases) and i believe it works
> from latest olpc-2.6.30 -- at least, my build from 7/28 works fine
> on my XO-1.  i'll do a new build today to doublecheck.

Speaking of olpc-powerd. I've been playing with various the various
builds that have been around and it works terribly in VM environments,
or non XO physical machines. It should check for XO hardware and if it
doesn't find any it should just exit. Also it logs massive amounts of
stuff to the console which is lost because its not logged to the
messages file. It just took 30 odd mins for a VM to boot up because of
all the olpc-powerd spew and when I could finally ssh into it there
was not a single bit of the spew in either dmesg or /var/log/messages.
This needs to be fixed especially because the package is now upstream
in Fedora. Mind olpc-powerd isn't the only culprit, just the first one
on my list.


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