This week in the life of CL1B

John Watlington wad at
Mon Aug 3 11:25:43 EDT 2009

This week showed a steady progress toward a B1 motherboard.
The layout process with a six layer motherboard is going good
and being finalized.  Gerbers should go out any day.

I had a brief scare for a couple of days when an SD card used for
testing developed errors (one in 1MB written, on average).  I finally
realized that it was the SD card and not the modified motherboards.
As a result, I went out and bought SD cards from five different
manufacturers, and am now running tests using them in ECO'd XO-1.5s.
So far, so good (no errors).
For B-phase, we will buy equally from three different "preferred",
to see if there are any problems with a particular vendor.

Still no schedule from Quanta for B1 bringup...


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