Is using the datastore.find() function reliable and safe?

sumit singh sumit.coder at
Sun Aug 2 19:31:20 EDT 2009

Hello all,

I want to save files from my activity so that I can retrieve them from
 the future instances of my activity and also want them to be visible
in the journal. So, I am planning to save them in the datastore. And
is planning to retrieve them using the datastore.find() function in
the future instances of my activity. However, the following link
mentions --
that using the function is not very reliable except with the
activity_id key.

As, I want to access all such files with a special property which I
saved from the previous versions of the activity, I can't just rely on
the activity_id thing. So, what can be a good solution for it. Would
using the find function be fine. Kindly give your suggestions. Just
repeating my requirements-

1. The files should be visible in the journal.
2. They should be accessible from within the future instances of the activity.


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