New F11-for-XO1 build is available and needs testing

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Sun Aug 2 09:12:04 EDT 2009

Tomeu,  I have great difficulty in dealing with your responses to 
the posts I make.  What I had written was a reply to Steven Parrish 
asking "I would appreciate testing and feedback".  It was my intent 
to provide feedback on "system-related" matters that in my opinion 
deserved being brought to the notice of "system-related" developers.

You either trust what I report, or you don't.  I am a volunteer, not 
under any contract to delve into the causes of problems.  If the 
descriptions I give are not enough for you to recognize a problem -- 
fine -- let my concern lie until someone more important than me 
encounters it (or let the matter die if noone else sees it).

If you thought I was asking for your help to solve a problem for 
__me__, you were wrong.  I mentioned what was my concern in order to 
"alert" developers that there may be something that might affect the 
perception of the __product__ (if it were delivered "as is").

> Some if the info here may help?

No, it didn't.  There are too many references to other tickets and 
to other facilities such as GTK, for me to understand what's what.

In any case, when running the "OS3 build", there is no change in the 
text size of the Journal View entries, nor in the text size of the 
"Menu Bar" in firefox, when I change the value in .Xresources

> Explaining where that message was logged and including the full logs may help

I really do not understand why you are asking this, unless by simply 
questioning the *way* I said something, you intend to reject *what* 
I said.

I started firefox by typing in its name at the command line in 
Terminal.  The message subsequently appeared on the screen in that 
Terminal session.  [The message also appeared within the output of 
the 'Error Console' in firefox, when I explicitly looked at that.]

"Including full logs may help" -- I am unaware of any "full logs" 
written by firefox.  And the only other logs I can think of - those 
in /var/log - in my opinion contain nothing about running firefox.


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