New F11-for-XO1 build is available and needs testing

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Sat Aug 1 16:23:54 EDT 2009

> This build "OS3"  includes the pretty boot
> animations, and also replaces olpcsound with csound.
> I would apprectiate testing and feedback.

Disclaimer:  perhaps off-topic Usability report :

Was running Firefox 3.5 (*not* the Activity).  Noticed two things:

  *  The font size (for things like the Menu Bar) was too large, with
     the result that various dropdowns (and settings windows) ran off
     the bottom edge of my XO-1 screen -- so I could not click on any
     buttons located at the bottom.  I wonder if this has anything
     to do with the font size in Journal View also being too large.

  *  The following error was logged several times:

       Obtaining the module object from Python failed

       can't import cStringIO
       <type 'exceptions.ImportError'>:
         undefined symbol: PyExc_ValueError



     Pretty boot has "awkward interval" before/after rotating dots.
     For me, sound works with "OS3" on XO-1 (though perhaps not as
     loud as with other builds).

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