Need Help: usb drive not visible in the journal

sumit singh sumit.coder at
Sat Aug 1 06:46:39 EDT 2009

Hi all,

I am facing a sort of weird problem at this point. On my xo, my usb
drives are not visible in the journal. I mean the icons at the bottom
of the journal are not visible. However, to my surprise my usb
drives(pendrives) are mounted and I can access them from the terminal.
I have tested it with 3 pen drives so I don't think its due to my pen
drive. Moreover, these pen drives are not even visible in the
objectChooser widget when I invoke it through any of the xo activities
like write or paint.

Can anybody please suggest me a solution. Moreover, is there any way
to access the data in the journal through the terminal, I mean there
are many activities which saves data into the journal and I am in
severe need to access that data. Is there any way to do so. I got this
, but I think the names of files are hashed and I won't be able to
recognize my file in this case.

Kindly give your suggestions.


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