plz test Build 802 + Firmware Q2E41 = Candidate Release 8.2.1

Chris Ball cjb at
Thu Apr 30 01:57:39 EDT 2009


   > As I understand 802 differs from 801 only in the firmware. Is it
   > true?

That's right.

   > Shall I test 802 if I have been using 801 for a long time?

A small amount of testing would be very good, yes.  We don't expect
any changes to be visible outside of the firmware and battery charging
(behavior should be better in the presence of batteries with extremely
low charge), but we should double-check that everything looks normal.

   > Will anybody fix kernel/X errors if I report them?

Please do report them, but they will probably not be fixed in this
release, which will be happening as soon as this last round of smoke
testing completes.  We might be able to provide you with workarounds,
though, or be able to start creating fixes for inclusion in the next
release.  Filing a bug is generally worthwhile no matter where we
happen to be in the release process.


- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at>

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