OLPC upgrade from build 656 to latest stable build 767

raju raju.krishnan at verizon.net
Mon Apr 20 01:07:01 EDT 2009


This is my first posting on this development list!

I've recently got XO and upgraded from 656 (*Stream ship.2 Variant
devel_jffs2) to 767 after disabling the firmware security with developer
key etc as per the  wiki page.

After the upgrade t0 767, in the software upgrade check list page, my XO
was stuck in checking the  'TamTam Edit' software upgrade and did not
come out of that check!.

Every I re-start the upgrade, it does not finish the TamTamEdit upgrade.
I had to cancel and do the upgrade manually by de-selecting this module.

Is it normal for upgrade from 656 to 767.


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