New release8.2.1 build 802

Build Announcer v2 reinier at
Mon Apr 27 02:30:36 EDT 2009

Changes in build 802 from build: 801

Size delta: 0.00M

-bootfw q2e33-1.olpc2.unsigned
+bootfw q2e41-1.olpc2.unsigned

--- Changes for bootfw q2e41-1.olpc2.unsigned from q2e33-1.olpc2.unsigned ---
  + Missing TS tag is not factory boot order
  + Missing TS tag is not factory boot order
  + Fixed Windows booting when a USB keyboard is attached
  + Minor tweak to OFW stub driver for unrecognized USB devices
  + Moved wired ethernet to beginning of manufacturing mode boot order
  + Added an Apple USB Ethernet adapter to the list of supported IDs
  + Added the Ajays USB debug device to the list of supported serial devices
  + Added stub support for USB "generic" devices
  + Added wired ethernet to manufacturing mode boot order
  + Changed boot order in manufacturing mode so NAND is before SD
  + Fixed bug in Windows full-screen text mode
  + Successor for Uruguay keyjector - no changes from q2e34

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