Fwd: Gnash loves the Via C7

Rob Savoye rob at openmedianow.org
Thu Apr 23 20:42:31 EDT 2009

Samuel Klein wrote:
> Rob - Gnash tweaks would be welcome.  Could you use an A-board when
> they're ready?  They're expected out around the end of  May:
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Hardware_specification_1.5

  It depends on how hot you are to see how Gnash performs on the newer
hardware. :-) I shouldn't have to do more than reconfigure Gnash
properly more than do many changes. I've worked on several Via boards
over the years, in the past their open sourced drivers sucked, and the
free software versions were better. Then they finally got the religion,
and have been much better the last year.

  What would be truly awesome would be OpenGLES support on the XO 1.5.
:-) Software rendering kills streaming video performance...

	- rob -

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