CL1B power distribution

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> smith wrote:
>  > >>> Additional changes from Gen 1 include the ability to both measure
>  > >>> DC input current and VIN voltage, as well as EC control over the
>  > >>> current drawn from the DC input. The intent was to better support
>  > >>> charging directly from solar panels.
>  > >> I hope that this will be available to activities like Measure.
> (will an XO even run properly from an unrectified, or even
> unfiltered, supply?)

Sure, if the right circuit is in place. A solar panel is rectified, which
makes things easier, but the power and voltage output is variable. It sounds
like Gen 1.5 will have charging FETs that you can gradually turn on/off to
limit the current flow through a path. Therefore, you can shut it off when
the charger isn't producing enough voltage or too much voltage for the
battery. It's hard to know exactly what's going on without seeing a
schematic and/or datasheet of the parts involved.

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