XO Gen 1.5

NoiseEHC NoiseEHC at freemail.hu
Tue Apr 21 01:51:20 EDT 2009

> But this should improve with VIA now having employed Harald Welte of
> gnuviolations.org fame to help them move forward in the open source
> world. They have released their drivers and some manuals for their
> GPUs now. So no 3D just yet, but then that's not exactly a regression
> compared to the geeode video either. Details of Harald's VIA related
> OSS releases can be seen at the link below including links to various
> HW programming manuals.
I do not know. I tried to download the specification to their processor 
and gave up after seeing the massive registration and request forms 
required. It is clearly ridiculous. If somebody has the spec please put 
it onto the wiki, please.

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