XO Gen 1.5

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 13:38:56 EDT 2009

>> The processor will be a VIA C7-M [1], with plans on using one whose
>> clock ranges from 400 MHz (1.5 W) to 1GHz (5 W).  The clock may be
>> throttled back automatically if necessary to meet thermal constraints.
> I'm hoping for a lot closer to 1GHz than 400MHz or it won't be much
> different than the current 433MHz Geode LX. It's still a very slow, in-order
> architecture.

I think they mean the CPU will have a 1Ghz speed that can
automatically throttled back to 400Mhz if its not being used or gets
to hot in the environment its being used. Bit like speed step in the
intel CPUs, well at least that's how I read it.


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