XO Gen 1.5

Christoph Derndorfer christoph.derndorfer at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 09:23:11 EDT 2009

Am 18.04.2009 um 08:16 schrieb NoiseEHC <NoiseEHC at freemail.hu>:

> Hi!
> I would like to ask these questions from OLPC staff:
>>> Does this also mean that people who already own XOs will find that  
>>> new
>>> software is going to require a computer more powerful than they
>>> currently have?  I thought that that was something that was going  
>>> to be
>>> specifically avoided.
>> This is going to be a hard trap not to fall into, although several of
>> the primary activities (Browse and Write) are based on desktop
>> products that are not necessarily aimed at low-power or embedded
>> systems, so I don't know if things will actually be any different.
> What about the integrated 3D support? Are you planning to support  
> OpenGL? In that case there will be a very wide performance gap (like  
> 3D acceleration vs no 3D acceleration)...

I honestly can't think of a use-case for including any sort of 3D  
acceleration into the basic Sugar and activities. There's about a  
million significantly more important things that people should be  
working on before even thinking about 3D (IMHO).

> Also it seems that this machine will be on par with current  
> Netbooks. Are you planning to sell it through normal distribution  
> channels? (As I am interested in theat still no Netbook has the  
> display or the indestructible design my XO has.)

I'd be very surprised if OLPC started selling the XO-1.5 via regular  
sales channels.


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