OLPC Volunteer Infrastructure Group Meeting: [Today]

Seth Woodworth seth at laptop.org
Tue Apr 14 13:37:31 EDT 2009

The Volunteer Infrastructure Group (/gang) Meeting is today (April
17th) at 4pm (EST)

The Volunteer Infrastructure Group is a team of Volunteer Sysadmins
who help maintain services and systems around OLPC and the
OLPC/SugarLabs community.  The weekly VIG meeting is an excellent
chance to get involved, or to be aware of upcoming projects.


Meeting Details:
     Date:   April 17th, 2009
     Time:   16:00 EST
     Location: irc.oftc.net  #olpc-admin

Please feel free to follow up on the olpc-sysadmin mailing list if you
would like to add anything to the agenda.  Right now the agenda will
be set at the start of the meeting.

Thanks everyone,
Seth Woodworth

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