new releases of powerd and olpc-kbdshim (alt. power mgmnt)

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Sun Apr 12 17:19:33 EDT 2009

i've released a new version of both olpc-kbdshim and powerd.

olpc-kbshim supports the XO grab keys, rotates the touchpad action
when the screen rotates, and provides user (in)activity status
for powerd.  with this release olpc-kbdshim is now integrated
with HAL in order to allow tracking USB mice and keyboards.

powerd is a more flexible and configurable replacement for ohmd. 
it's not a "drop-in" replacement, but it's getting close -- there
are a few things ohmd provides which are hard for powerd to do
in exactly the same way.

i'm about to start the review process for getting these both into
fedora -- if you've been thinking of trying them, but haven't, i
could use the feedback.  remember that you'll need to install
powerd on a laptop running an OLPC kernel, otherwise suspend and
resume won't do anything anyway.  olpc-kbdshim should work on the
latest rawhide releases.  (i hope -- feedback please, i haven't
had a chance to try rawhide myself.)

powerd disables ohmd when it installs, and reenables it if it's
uninstalled.  so there's no conflict unless you install ohmd
after powerd, which is unlikely.

both packages will apply small patches to sugars,
in order to take back control of the rotation and brightness
keys.  (i've suggested these patches become permanent, somehow,
in SL #737.) if you later remove either of my packages, the patches remain, but are benign.

i could go on about features, etc, here, but since i'd be quoting
or paraphrasing info that comes with the packages, i'll just
refer directly there.

olpc-kbdshim  is described in its README:

powerd is described by commentary in the core script itself:

the git trees for the two packages are here:

RPMs live here:

and the initial announcements of powerd is here:

olpc-kbdshim wasn't as well announced, but was described here:

 paul fox, pgf at

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