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> Hi Mitch,
> I'm working on getting bootable ext3 images to put on SD cards to use
> on the XO, to run the XS distro.

I've been doing these kinds of tests but using ext2, which has been working
fine and should provide more durability. If you still want to go the ext3
route, take a look at this, if you haven't already:
I have had to have rootdelay=11 in olpc.fth, since my sdcard sometimes takes
10s to get detected instead of 0.5s or less, as usual. I'm using the kernel
from OLPC's repositories, snapshot from last saturday.
Best regards,
                               Tiago Marques

> While I am not expecting the SD card to deal with a heavy write
> workload (the recommended strategy is to use an external disk for
> /var/lib and /library ), I am still keen on avoiding early SD card
> death...
> Do we have any good rule of thumb on any partition alignment +
> blocksize that is likely to work well on current SD cards in the
> market?
> I've read your notes, and Tytso's blogposts about it; but maybe I'm
> not cultured enough to come up with a confident rule of thumb, and
> definitely have no idea whether it's possible to write a script to run
> on current linuxen that probes an SD card and Does The Right Thing.
> cheers,
> m
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