Hints for ext3 filesystems on flash...

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 10:55:23 EDT 2009

Hi Mitch,

I'm working on getting bootable ext3 images to put on SD cards to use
on the XO, to run the XS distro.

While I am not expecting the SD card to deal with a heavy write
workload (the recommended strategy is to use an external disk for
/var/lib and /library ), I am still keen on avoiding early SD card

Do we have any good rule of thumb on any partition alignment +
blocksize that is likely to work well on current SD cards in the

I've read your notes, and Tytso's blogposts about it; but maybe I'm
not cultured enough to come up with a confident rule of thumb, and
definitely have no idea whether it's possible to write a script to run
on current linuxen that probes an SD card and Does The Right Thing.


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