Recompiling the firmware

Richard A. Smith richard at
Sun Apr 5 14:49:53 EDT 2009

Guylhem Aznar wrote:

> Hello
> I couldn't find a lot of informations about firmware recompilation.
>>From what I've read, I think I can get it from
> But how do I recompile it, to get a new .rom file ready to by flashed
> ? (the same question appears on Firmware_hobby_hacking on the wiki,
> without any reply)

cd ./openfirmware/cpu/x86/pc/olpc/build

If successful that will leave you with a .rom file in that directory.

> Do I need specific tools ?

You need a active internet connection cause the build will pull a few 
other bits from the servers.
You also need an asl compiler.  The know to work version can be found at Mitch claims he had trouble with 
other versions.

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