Announcing Fedora 11 Beta for XO

pgf at pgf at
Fri Apr 3 16:58:22 EDT 2009

peter wrote:
 > >  > It is as far as I'm aware plain rawhide which means it will be sugar
 > >  > 0.84 with default Fedora power stuff using the new devicekit [1]. All
 > >  > the hardware should work as expected and if it doesn't please report
 > >  > it, either here or in the Fedora Bugzilla.
 > >
 > > i don't understand.  wasn't there just a thread yesterday or the
 > > day before about how there are major XO-specific pieces (e.g.
 > > suspend/resume, the dcon driver) missing from the fedora kernel?
 > > what do you mean by "hardware should work as expected"?
 > Yes. This isn't a joyride style build though. Its a Fedora build with
 > sugar for the OLPC. See chris's follow up post.

right.  joyride or not, it's simply not the case that "hardware
should work as expected".  :-)

 paul fox, pgf at

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