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On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 5:18 PM, Bobby Powers <bobbypowers at> wrote:
> setting RAM requirements reminds me of classic macos :)

Indeed. And quite fitting - classic macos is the most recent (and
memorable) case of "no swap" multi-tasking OS we have. Granted, it
*had* a broken vmem scheme, but in practice...

I agree with Albert's proposal - Newcomers to the Wellington test team
open too many apps all the time - and render their machines unusable
through memory pressure. From that experience, I like the idea of
adding a bit of metadata that hints the mem footprint, and teaching
sugar to prevent users from starting new apps if less memory than
stated is available.

Not a hard limitation - power-users must be able to disable it from
the control panel.

In that sense, it'd be great to bring back the visual cue of memory
use that was disucssed back then with the original "ring" in the
homeview. The ring is gone, but _some_ visual hint would help users
make the connection.

Forcing a single app at a time is a bit too limiting I suspect. And
our hw does better than that anyway.

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