Expected date for 8.2.0

Chris Ball cjb at laptop.org
Wed Sep 10 03:38:53 EDT 2008

Hi Robert, thanks for the notes.

   > Regarding WPA support remember you have existing G1G1 users out in
   > the wild using WPA plus a new G1G1 is scheduled for November time
   > frame. It is also possible that a deployment or two use WPA.

We aren't going to ship without WPA support, but we also aren't working
on improvements to the WPA support we already have.

   > There are suspend related bugs in 8.2-759.  1.) There is a nasty
   > suspend related networking bug that requires a hard boot to get
   > working again.  Turn on power management, let the laptop suspend,
   > (screen dims), and then close the lid.  Open the lid again and the
   > wireless connectivity is dead.  Sometimes you have to repeat the
   > lid closing several times to get the network stack dropped.  Seems
   > to happen the quickest if you have been using the network for a
   > shared activity such as chat for a while. ( Bug does not seem to
   > happen if ohmd is logging).  Once this happens restarting sugar
   > will not revive it.  I have had to reboot to get wireless working
   > again.

This is #8103, which is fixed in Joyride and will be fixed in 8.2-760
when that's built.

   > 2.) I noticed in build 757 after opening the lid the system would
   > attempt to connect to the last network device it had been connected
   > to.  With 759 it looks for a mesh first no matter that you had been
   > connected to an AP last.

It will try the previous AP again, but it'll first cycle through the
mesh channels looking for a school server.  This was a request from
deployment, to make sure that when a laptop arrives from home to school
it finds the school server there.  The cycle time is unfortunately long:
over a minute.  If it's enough of an inconvenience, we might consider
some mechanism (perhaps a networks.cfg entry) for saying "I don't care
about connecting to mesh networks automatically, always prefer APs."

   > 3.).  If the laptop is in suspend, closing the lid does not turn
   > off the backlight.  (I look through the USB port after I close the
   > lid and the light is still on.  ).

This is #8137, and is unlikely to be fixed in time for 8.2.0; the
workaround is to either wake the machine before closing the lid, or to
open and close the lid after the lid close that didn't trigger sleep.

- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at laptop.org>

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