qemu kernels in devel-ext3 images?

Ton van Overbeek tvoverbeek at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 21:41:54 EDT 2008

While browsing on mock.laptop.org I found 2 kernel rpms:
kernel-2.6.25-20080826.1.olpc.7bee90029d84945.i586.rpm and

I am assuming the qemu kernel is the one without 3dnow support, so it 
should be
able to run on qemu/vmware/virtualbox on Intel machines.

However all the devel_ext3 images still include the 'normal' kernel rpm and
hence cannot be run in emulation on Intel based machines (except if you 
qemu from current cvs, which has support for running AMD athlon specific 
on Intel machines). This is a consequence of the move to the 2.6.25 
kernel in fc9.
The 2.6.22 (Update.1 and earlier) based ext3 images run on both AMD and 
Intel machines.

Are there going to be any emulation specific ext3 images?

Making emulation specific images available will make it easier to quickly
test new builds.

Ton van Overbeek

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