Combined Sugar/XO manual outline

Brian Jordan brian at
Mon Sep 8 17:31:46 EDT 2008

Hi all,

What follows is the flow of chapters (devised by Seth, Adam, Cynthia
and myself) for the Sugar / XO manual to (hopefully) be included on
the XO for G1G1.

Make all reviews, edits and contributions to these sections as soon as possible!

XO - Introduction
XO - About One Laptop per Child
XO - About Computers
XO - How to Volunteer
XO - Getting Started
XO - Opening the XO
XO - Ports [ to be made ]
XO - Charging the Battery
XO - Starting the XO
XO - Screen and Speakers
XO - Keyboard [ to be made ]
Sugar - The Sugar User Interface
Sugar - Home View
Sugar - Activity View
Sugar - Neighborhood View
Sugar - Group View
Sugar - The Frame
Sugar - The Journal
Sugar - Launching Activities
Sugar - Collaborating
Sugar - Switching Activities
Sugar - Exiting Activities
Sugar - Installing Activities
Sugar - Activities Sampler
XO - About Networks and the Internet [ overly technical ? ]
{Sugar - Getting Connected
XO - Give Me the Internet, Please} merge
{XO - External Hardware
XO - Which wireless devices may work well with my XO?} merge
XO - Troubleshooting Connectivity

(and the activities listed at )

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