New release8.2 build 758

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Thu Sep 4 16:00:29 EDT 2008

Changes in build 758 from build: 757

Size delta: -1.05M

-gnash-plugin 0.8.3-1.olpc3
+gnash-plugin 0.8.3-1.olpc3.2
-gstreamer-python 0.10.11-2.fc9
+gstreamer-python 0.10.7-2.olpc3.1
-hulahop 0.4.3-1.olpc3
+hulahop 0.4.4-1.olpc3
-ohm 0.1.1-6.17.20080805git.olpc3
+ohm 0.1.1-6.18.20080828git.olpc3
+olpc-utils 0.86-1.olpc3
-gnash 0.8.3-1.olpc3
+gnash 0.8.3-1.olpc3.2
-gstreamer 0.10.19-1.fc9
+gstreamer 0.10.12-3.olpc3
-gstreamer-plugins-base 0.10.19-3.olpc3
+gstreamer-plugins-base 0.10.12-4.olpc3.4
-gstreamer-plugins-good 0.10.8-8.fc9
+gstreamer-plugins-good 0.10.5-7.olpc3.1
-gstreamer-tools 0.10.19-1.fc9
+gstreamer-tools 0.10.12-3.olpc3
-olpc-contents 2.4-1
+olpc-contents 2.5-1
-olpc-update 2.16-1
+olpc-update 2.17-1
-pygtk2 2.12.1-7.olpc3
+pygtk2 2.12.1-6.olpc3.1
-pygtk2-libglade 2.12.1-7.olpc3
+pygtk2-libglade 2.12.1-6.olpc3.1
-squeak-vm 3.10-3olpc8
+squeak-vm 3.10-3olpc10
-sugar 0.82.0-2.20080822git454def195d.fc9
+sugar 0.82.2-1.fc9
-sugar-artwork 0.82.0-1.fc9
+sugar-artwork 0.82.1-1.fc9
-sugar-base 0.82.1-1.fc9
+sugar-base 0.82.2-1.fc9
-sugar-toolkit 0.82.1-2.20080822git2e6be9ea55.fc9
+sugar-toolkit 0.82.5-1.olpc3
-telepathy-gabble 0.7.6-2.olpc3
+telepathy-gabble 0.7.6-4.olpc3
-telepathy-glib 0.7.11-1.fc9
+telepathy-glib 0.7.11-2.fc9
-telepathy-salut 0.3.3-4.olpc3
+telepathy-salut 0.3.3-6.olpc3
-totem 2.23.4-1.olpc3.5
+totem 2.23.4-1.olpc3.6
-totem-gstreamer 2.23.4-1.olpc3.5
+totem-gstreamer 2.23.4-1.olpc3.6
-etoys 3.0.2100-1
+etoys 3.0.2126-1
-xulrunner-pyxpcom 1.9-1.olpc3.3
+xulrunner-pyxpcom 1.9-1.olpc3.4
-rainbow 0.7.19-1.fc9
+rainbow 0.7.20-1.fc9
-xulrunner 1.9-1.olpc3.3
+xulrunner 1.9-1.olpc3.4
-sugar-journal 97-2.fc9
+sugar-journal 98-1.fc9
-sugar-update-control 0.9-1
+sugar-update-control 0.11-1
-totem-mozplugin 2.23.4-1.olpc3.5
+totem-mozplugin 2.23.4-1.olpc3.6
-xorg-x11-drv-geode 2.10.1-1.olpc3
+xorg-x11-drv-geode 2.10.1-1.fc9
-bootfw q2e14-1.olpc2.unsigned
+bootfw q2e15-1.olpc2.unsigned
-libsoup 2.4.1-1.fc9
-libvisual 0.4.0-6.fc9
-wavpack 4.50-1.fc9

--- Changes for ohm 0.1.1-6.18.20080828git.olpc3 from 0.1.1-6.17.20080805git.olpc3 ---
  + #8010:  Fix battery status by handling the EC mask over idle suspends.
  + #7879:  Power down wifi chip when lid is closed and mesh is off.
  + #7986:  Close /ofw/model after reading it.

--- Changes for olpc-utils 0.86-1.olpc3 from ---
  + Add registration utility

--- Changes for olpc-contents 2.5-1 from 2.4-1 ---
  + Changes to filename handling: no longer attempt to NFD/UTF-8 normalize
  + Trac #5805: improve memory usage of olpc-contents-create.

--- Changes for olpc-update 2.17-1 from 2.16-1 ---
  + Trac #8190: make irsync_pristine more likely to work even if avahi is

--- Changes for squeak-vm 3.10-3olpc10 from 3.10-3olpc8 ---
  + fix writing to stderr (#6391)
  + fix KedamaPlugin2 (exports where not listed)
  + fix show-source key
  + fix SEGFAULT in OggPlugin
  + add RomePlugin w/ Pango support
  + fix drag-n-drop
  + remove Mpeg3Plugin
  + fix dbus plugin not zero-terminating some strings
  + fix freeze in drag and drop
  + add analog input support
  + fix cursor keys
  + re-enable -O2 to get back speed (duh!)
  + handle view-source key
  + big merge with trunk
  + unicode key events
  + fixed dbus plugin
  + respect the TZ variable used by Sugar (#8176)

--- Changes for sugar 0.82.2-1.fc9 from 0.82.0-2.20080822git454def195d.fc9 ---
  + 6929 Control panel: include copyright/licensing info in about dialogue 
  + Fix some launcher issues
  + #2866 Network Manager GUI doesn't report success or failure
  + #3993 The color of network icon in Home view becomes white after restarting Sugar.
  + #2866 Network Manager GUI doesn't report success or failure
  + #7988 Sugar control panel doesn't have a language entry for kreyol
  + #7823 Non-modal alerts in CP remain when they shouldn't
  + #7733 Cannot install Wikipedia-10.xo
  + #7356 regression in activity view performance.
  + #7660 XO Neighborhood icon drawing & erase glitches
  + #6605 Screen rotates clockwise, while rotation button shows counter clockwise arrows
  + #7877 Control Panel / Data & Time: Selecting timezone by typing locks up UI
  + #7965 Mirror activities list in RTL locales
  + #7220 Mark newly downloaded activities as favorites by default
  + #7874 Search entry in Home focuses list view when cleared
  + #7971 CP fails to validate all settings correctly
  + #7970 Some CP modules set needs_restart to False when they shouldn't
  + #7764 Reset Registration with school servers - short term solution
  + #7823 Non-modal alerts in CP remain when they shouldn't
  + #7874 Search entry in Home focuses list view when cleared
  + #7730 Clicking on Speaker icon should Mute/Unmute Sound
  + #4656 Non-olpc buddies not shown in the meshview (using salut)
  + #7873 Search entry in Home should be focused implicitly

--- Changes for sugar-artwork 0.82.1-1.fc9 from 0.82.0-1.fc9 ---
  + #4312 need volume button icons for totem player
  + #7939 Missing stock icons

--- Changes for sugar-base 0.82.2-1.fc9 from 0.82.1-1.fc9 ---
  + Translation updates

--- Changes for sugar-toolkit 0.82.5-1.olpc3 from 0.82.1-2.20080822git2e6be9ea55.fc9 ---
  + Translation updates
  + Add plural information for all languages
  + Fix plural form equations
  + 8136 Do a more 'standard' system installation for bundlebuilder
  + 7837 Do not try to list the mimetypes directory if it does not exist
  + 8220 Ensure that the widget is fully onscreen before taking a screenshot
  + Translation updates
  + #5428 downloads not starting in Browse due to old compreg.dat
  + #7733 Cannot install Wikipedia-10.xo
  + #7533 Activity does not respond to ctrl-q keyboard shortcut unless the 'Activity' tab is visible
  + #8000 Pulsing icon on activity launch significantly slows activity start-up
  + #8000 Pulsing icon on activity launch significantly slows activity start-up
  + #7270 /setup release does not update the bundle number
  + #7680 Activity name box is too small for localizaed name
  + #7881 Accelerator labels don't show up for most toolbar buttons
  + #7800 time stamps doesn't use translations

--- Changes for telepathy-glib 0.7.11-2.fc9 from 0.7.11-1.fc9 ---
  + tp_debug_divert_messages: open the file in append mode if the filename is prefixed

--- Changes for etoys 3.0.2126-1 from 3.0.2100-1 ---
  + Updated translations: de, ja
  + Support private sharing (#5280)
  + Make open from clipboard work (#6262)
  + Do not save menu project (#8046)
  + updated translations: de, mn (#7976)
  + Fix crash in Russian locale (#8193)
  + Fix loggin errors (#6391)
  + Fix corrupted project names in Journal (#8199)
  + Fix Journal timestamps (#8176)
  + Automatically enable pango (#7610, #8163)
  + fix clipboard (#8199)
  + fix forward-direction and rotation-center halo issues (#8210)
  + various fixes (#7320, #7737, #8162, #8193, #8210)

--- Changes for xorg-x11-server-Xorg from ---
  + Hide mouse cursor until a cursor is selected
  + Fix EXA CopyArea rendering bugs

--- Changes for xorg-x11-server-common from ---
  + Hide mouse cursor until a cursor is selected
  + Fix EXA CopyArea rendering bugs

--- Changes for sugar-journal 98-1.fc9 from 97-2.fc9 ---
  + 7588 Sugar should provide messages indicating when NAND is 'getting full' and 'critically full'
  + 6800 Journal window should be mirrored in RTL locales
  + correct Source0 field
  + translation updates for it, nl and ja
  + #7588 Show alert when available space is below 50MB
  + #6800 Reverse CollapsedEntry instead of BaseCollapsedEntry

--- Changes for sugar-update-control 0.11-1 from 0.9-1 ---
  + Fix egregious typos in v0.10. =(
  + Trac #8149: don't let malformed activity bundles kill the updater.
  + Allow groups to provide newer versions of the activities then exist

--- Changes for bootfw q2e15-1.olpc2.unsigned from q2e14-1.olpc2.unsigned ---
  + q2e15 this is an unsigned image
  + trac 8216 - Override persistent devkey when game-button-X is pressed, so you can run customization keys on a system with the dk tag.
  + New OFW font
  + Fix trac 8143 where suspend detection was broken after an auto power up reboot (ie a firmware reflash)
  + Fix typo in reading MAIN_ON pin.

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