Sucrose 0.83.1 Development Release

Simon Schampijer simon at
Fri Oct 31 12:51:05 EDT 2008

This is our first Development Release in the 0.84 cycle. The code base 
has seen many refactoring efforts to improve the platform. To improve 
performance several heavy shell dependency have been dropped and the 
journal and the shell service has been merged into the shell. 
Furthermore the datastore has been rewritten, to simplify and improve 
maintainability. The API has been kept in place.

Sugar moved to use Gconf as a back end to store the profile. An ABI 
policy has been figured out and modules have been marked as STABLE / 

Some enhancements have been made to the clipboard to provide visual 
consistency with the Sugar environment. And of course many many bugs 
have been fixed, which you can see in detail below.

Thanks to everyone who made this release possible!

In behalf of the sugar community,
    Your release team

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== Glucose news ==

=== sugar-toolkit ===

* #8420 Failure to handle 404 in ChunkedGlibHTTPRequestHandler
* #7649 Activities needs to access sugar-toolbox's members directly
* #8617 Clipboard scroll buttons icons point left/right, should point 
* #8604 Tray control should support highlight on drag
* #8840 Can't join shared activity
* #8674 8.2-764, Software Update erased complete /home/olpc/Activities 
* #8626 Icons overlap unnecessarily in crowded neighborhood view.
* #8563 Sugar Palette doesn't handle 'table menus'.
* #8532 SIGCHLD fights with threads.
* #8485 Shell navigation leaks
* #8375 gst usage in the shell wastes 2.6mb
* #8394 sugar shell leaks presence service info
* #8469 is leaked
* #8394 sugar shell leaks presence service info
* #8392 Remove "dynamic" font height computation
* #5428 downloads not starting in Browse due to old compreg.dat
* #7999 7+% of shell startup time is spent in `grab' of 
* #8000 Pulsing icon on activity launch significantly slows activity 
* #7270 setup release does not update the bundle number
* #7959 gettext translations slows journal's scrolling
* #7733 Cannot install Wikipedia-10.xo
* #7533 Activity does not respond to ctrl-q keyboard shortcut unless the 
'Activity' tab is visible

=== sugar ===
* Modularized the shell to have every major UI component like the frame 
the home view and the control panel reside in his own module and be self 
* Use gconf as a backend to store the profile.
* Several heavy shell dependency have been dropped.
* Merge of the journal and of the shell service into the shell
* #5867 "Battery fully charged" shows up in error (battery is removed)
* #8623 Jabber server description is ambiguous
* #8900 Should re-request closed random views
* #7545 Should request random activities/buddies to populate the mesh view
* #5751 Clipboard objects need meaningful labels.
* #8606 Dragging within the clipboard creates duplicate clippings
* #7408 Cursor lock while dragging icons in Home (or anywhere)
* #8604 Tray control should support highlight on drag

=== sugar-artwork ===
* Ensure that all common drag operations use a sugar cursor
* Generate two themes based on SUGAR_SCALING
* #8779 Merge sugar-artwork patches from debian package.
* #8778 allow prelightning of buttons

=== sugar-base ===

* Add dispatcher implementation from django
* Mark modules as STABLE

=== sugar-datastore ===
* The datastore has been rewritten, to simplify and improve 
maintainability. As a first step the API was not changed at all (other 
than removing removable devices support), so that the new implementation 
was swapped in without changes to activities and Sugar
* Drop for now the management of removable devices inside the DS. 
Removable devices support in Sugar should happen without intervention 
from the DS
* #8155 The datastore should hard link identical files, to handle 
repeated downloads of the same content without filling up NAND
* Support arbitrary metadata properties that activities wish to add #4662
* Degrade gracefully if a database gets corrupted- Basic functionality 
should only depend on the filesystem being available. Any other data 
structures (full text index) should be rebuildable from the filesystem #6269

=== sugar-presence-service ===

* #7581: Don't ignore buddies without keys. This improve 
interoperability with non Sugar clients.
* #7849: Display PS version in the log.
* Use gconf to get Sugar profile settings.
* #8444: Don't rely on the roster to check if a contact handle is 
channel specific or not - so PS will properly create Buddy objects 
discovered using Gadget. Furthermore, this workaround has the nice side 
effect to improve compatibility with bugged shared roster (as the one of 
* #5618: Discard invalid handles if InspectHandles failed.

=== etoys ===

This version copes with the datastore using byte arrays for strings,
thus allowing to resume again

== Fructose news ==

=== read-activity ===

* The version bump is to allow for stable releases after Read-52 which 
is the current stable release.
* #8350 Use journal object picker if not resuming a file
* #7017 Read sharing can deadlock.

=== chat-activity ===

* The version bump is to allow for stable releases after Chat-48 which 
is the current stable release.
* #8471 Can't resume a previous Chat entry with Write anymore

=== browse-activity ===

* Add a "Download image" option to the image palette (tomeu)
* Add a "Download link" option to the link palette (tomeu)
* Get downloads and upload alerts for multiple windows to work (marco)
* Handle download names with non-ascii characters #8857 (tomeu)

=== terminal-activity ===

* #4646 Systemwide keyboard shortcuts break terminal apps (e.g. nano)
* #8515 Terminal-activity: path does not contain olpc-update

''' Updated translations: '''
* tr
* pt

== Fructose dependencies news ==

=== hulahop ===
Provide the ground to make downloads and uploads work for multiple 
instances (marco)

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