idea for running out of RAM

Deepak Saxena dsaxena at
Thu Oct 30 16:12:38 EDT 2008

On Oct 30 2008, at 10:05, Erik Garrison was caught saying:
> Deepak,
> Did you continue down this path (auto-saving application state to NAND
> when we run out of memory)?  How tenable is the idea of saving
> application state to NAND on our system?

No I haven't. :(

> Could the oom-killer have a hook to enable this functionality to be
> invoked instead of simply killing the application?

Yes, the question is what is the proper interface back to user space.
In talking to some upstream kernel developers,this type of interface
has been desired by others but nothing has been accepted upstream.  
Next step in this process is research what has been proposed so far, 
why they've all failed, and figure out what we want to do. One such 
interface is proposed at


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