Allowing an activity to be launched multiple times in parallel

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Thu Oct 30 02:42:09 EDT 2008

> Please use 8.2.0.  This problem has been resolved in 8.2.0, by making each
> Activity launch take over the screen immediately.  In 8.2.0, users can see
> immediately that their click was registered, and cannot easily launch
> another instance until the current one finishes loading.

Implementation does not always match theory.

I use 8.2.0.  For my XO, Activity launch does not "take over the 
screen immediately".  When I left-click on an icon (in Home View, or 
in Journal) to launch an Activity, it takes somewhere between 0.5 
sec to 2 sec for the "Activity throbber" screen to begin drawing 
(during which interval I don't know whether my left-click "took" or 
not - I just have to wait and see).  That "wait time" (for *any* 
kind of reaction) would be ample for me to left-click 2 or more 
times (if I so chose) on the same (or another) icon.

[And yes - either through indecisive finger movement or through the 
XO "duplicating" the click, I have on occasion experienced multiple 
instances of an Activity being launched when my intention was to 
launch only one.  The only way I have found to ensure that only one 
instance of an Activity is launched is to move the pointer to the 
icon, right-click, wait for the palette to be drawn, move the cursor 
to the 'Start' entry in the palette, and right-click again.  When I 
do this, the immediate disappearance of the palette gives me the 
assurance I want that my launch request is being acted upon.  There 
is still the delay before the "Activity throbber" screen shows, but 
now I am no longer anxious as to whether it will ever show.]


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