Allowing an activity to be launched multiple times in parallel

Gary C Martin gary at
Wed Oct 29 22:32:58 EDT 2008

On 30 Oct 2008, at 00:06, david at wrote:

> On Wed, 29 Oct 2008, Carol Hussein Lerche wrote:
>> I don't disagree with the need to speed up the system.  However,  
>> browsing
>> with multiple tabs is a well known solution to the problem of having
>> multiple browser instances open, and we have tossed that out for some
>> reason.
> those 'tabs' could even be seperate screens and work without requiring
> multiple copies of the browser to run.
> this was done in the name of 'simplifying' the system (along with
> eliminating popups and modal interfaces)

Tabbed browsers are good for reducing window clutter in conventional  
multi-window systems, but I consider (personal opinion) them a pro/ 
advanced feature judging how of my techy friends and family use them  
in their browsers. The majority are confused or don't even know about  
them, and fall back to just opening new windows, even after being  
shown the tab feature a number of times. Actually they often really  
dislike (or are confused) when they do have multi browser windows open  
– so even multi-windows should be considered a pro/advanced feature  
that most probably don't use.


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