Mini-conference Proposals and Feature Requests

Greg Smith gregsmitholpc at
Wed Oct 29 12:24:39 EDT 2008

Hi All,

Thanks for all the good discussions on proposed topics for discussion 
during the XO miniconference.

In addition to e-mailing them to the list, please put any specific 
proposals for sessions during the conference on the wiki page, proposals 

Fit them in an existing section or create a new one as needed.

FYI We will review existing proposals on that page in 40 minutes from 
now (1PM US ET, Wed.) on IRC #olpc-meeting channel.

If you want to make a suggestion for features that OLPC should work on, 
please put that on our Feature Roadmap page at:

In short, proposals for talks at the miniconference on [[XOcamp]] page, 
feature suggestions on the [[Feature roadmap]] page.

Comments and questions welcome.


Greg S

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