Sugar unusable as an e-book reader

James Simmons jim.simmons at
Tue Oct 28 14:38:32 EDT 2008


Actually, the Journal *does* let you choose whatever Activity you like 
to open a document with.  For instance, with a Zip file you can open it 
with EToys, View Slides, or Read Etexts.  What the Journal doesn't do is 
open the one you'd like as a default.  If you just Resume a Zip file 
chances are it will open up in EToys, which is frustrating.

The Journal is good for opening up a journal entry using the Activity 
that created it, but since ebooks are not (yet) created by Activities 
this doesn't work.  But you can easily get a menu of possible Activities 
to open your documents with using the Journal.  An outdated screenshot 
showing how to do this is in the Wiki:

James Simmons

david at wrote:

> there is also the problem that since the journal doesn't let you 
> specify what program to use to open documents several of these formats 
> will end up beng handled by abiword (writer) instead.
> David Lang

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