Sugar unusable as an e-book reader

Jim Gettys jg at
Tue Oct 28 13:15:02 EDT 2008 has evince's
currently supported formats.  I don't know exactly how we have it built.

The basic point is it is already able to support multiple formats as
plug-ins and others may be feasible.
                   - Jim

On Tue, 2008-10-28 at 11:52 -0500, James Simmons wrote:
> Greg,
> I have never worked on the core Read activity.  From what I have seen of 
> it, I would say that you would have to modify evince so that it could 
> support more formats, notably plain text files and .cbr files (which are 
> archive files containing sequentially named images).  If it did that the 
> need for my two Activities would vanish.  I believe that evince can 
> already support comic books in the .cbr format if you compile in 
> optional support for it.  Of course evince is not an OLPC project, and 
> that will limit what can be done with it.
> Some of the problems you mention in your entry are actually issues with 
> the Journal (not remembering page numbers and making unnecessary copies 
> of files).  I think others are working on improving the Journal 
> datastore, which should help a lot of Activities.
> Document sharing is not reliable with Read (or Read Etexts either).
> Text to Speech in Read Etexts needs additional software to be installed 
> on the XO to work.  Someone was working on this a few months ago.
> As I said on my page for my Activities, I see them as only stopgaps 
> until the XO has a better Read activity that supports more formats.  I 
> don't feel qualified to work on Read itself.
> James Simmons
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> >Hi James and David,
> >
> >I want to track additions and improvements to the XOs eBook Reader on 
> >our Feature roadmap page.
> >
> >I created a requirement called Better eBook Reader at:
> >
> >
> >Can you update that with any additions or work we need to do? If you can 
> >separate it in to requirement (what we want to do) and specification 
> >(how we will do it) that will help.
> >
> >You can also put your name down as an "owner" if you plan to work on it 
> >in the near future.
> >
> >Any questions or comments welcome.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Greg S
> >  
> >
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