Error with SanDisk Ultra II

Mitch Bradley wmb at
Mon Oct 27 17:00:54 EDT 2008

s.boutayeb at wrote:

> When booting the XO (i tested 2 XO's) with build Q2E19 and Q2E20, I have
> following message:
> Boot device: /sd/disk:\boot\olpc.fth Arguments:
> <buffer at ffb68ec0>:2: Can't find word to replace
> BTW, the SD card is fully functional with Qemu and the fedora distro is working!
> My guess is that this error has to do with the storage media. Does anyone had
> this error?

That message is coming from a patch that works around a bug in Q2E18.  
The bug was fixed in Q2E19, and as a result, the patch no longer applies.

You can just remove the patch code from /boot/olpc.fth .  The complete 
patch code is as follows; you can remove it all:

patch 2drop erase claim-params
: high-ramdisk  ( -- )
  h# 22c +lp l@ 1+   memory-limit  umin  /ramdisk -  ( new-ramdisk-adr )
  ramdisk-adr over  /ramdisk move                    ( new-ramdisk-adr )
  to ramdisk-adr
' high-ramdisk to load-ramdisk

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