Hi, big qüestion!!!

Marc Rodriguez Tristany superpane69 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 14:04:37 EDT 2008

Hi to everybody,
I've just been added to the developers list of OLPC, cause Martin Lanhoff
told me I had to do it, and I don't know too much how it works...
 But anyway, I'm a guy from Spain (Barcelona) that I'm doing the final
thesis of my IT degree with another guy, and it's about an educational
application for the OLPC (JClic), which we've translated from Java to Python
(& PyGame). The code is already working on Sugar.

My question is:

When we execute the code, the first thing it does is to open a "xml" file
that contains the game (the child download it from the internet), and we've
done and interface to do it (the typical "open file"). But last week we knew
Martin (he came to Barcelona) and he told us we have to do it different. He
said that when the child download the file, the journal should open directly
the application with the file downloaded. We have no idea how to do it. Does
someone know how to do it? or a link that explains it?or something similar??
Thank you so much!!!

Marc Rodríguez Tristany
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